What is a Soft 17 hand in Blackjack – rules

The betflix168 soft rule 17 is one of the main rules to know for every player who wants to try this casino game. But what exactly is this rule? Before talking about this rule, it is essential to understand the basic rules of the Blackjack game. Each player aims to reach a card sum equal to or close to 21 but not exceeding it.

Since it is impossible to reach this number every time, then the second best option is to reach the number closest to it, but not higher. This means that a 20 is better than a 22. Blackjack card values ​​are easy to remember. Cards from 2 to 9 have value equal to their number while those from 10 to K are valued at 10. The Ace has two possible values: 1 or 11. How an Ace is counted depends on the situation.

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Understanding Soft 17
Is a hand Soft or Hard? What’s the difference? Everything depends on Ace! If the Ace is worth 1, then the hand is Hard. On the other hand, an Ace rated as 11 means it is a Soft hand. Soft 17 refers to the combination of cards that with a total value of 17 if the Ace is rated as 11 . For example, an Ace and 7 is a 17 Soft hand. Also, any combination of cards that uses 11 as the value for an Ace is a Soft hand. The same goes for 3-card hands. To simplify even more, we give you some examples of Hard and Soft hands:

Hard Blackjack Hand – 10 / 2 = 12, 9 / 4 = 13, 7 / 7 = 14, K / K / A = 21

Soft Blackjack Hand – A / 2 = 12, A / 3 = 13, A / 6 = 17, A / 7 = 18

A soft 17 not only affects the dealer, but also affects the player. A soft hand occurs with an Ace, while a Hard hand can occur with an Ace, but it must be counted as 1. A Soft hand is when the Ace is 11. The soft rule 17 means that dealers must hit 9sa more ask a card) when they have a soft 17 hand. Players can tell whether or not soft rule 17 is in effect for the dealer by finding the written rule on the online virtual table.Soft Rule 17

How can a dealer use a soft 17 hand?
Because it is a soft hand, once the dealer draws the third card, he can change the value of the Ace from 11 to 1. For example, let’s say the dealer got a soft 17, so an Ace and a 6, then he drew a 9. The sum total is 26, which means it exceeded , but since the Ace can turn into a 1, the sum actually totals 16.

Why this is a favorable rule for players
Well, take the example mentioned above. Drawing a 9 brought the dealer’s hand total to 16, which is considered a terrible hand in Blackjack and has a 62% loss rate, which in turn is favorable to the player. However, if the dealer got a two, three, four or even a five when hitting a soft 17, players might not be so lucky.

The best thing to do is to make sure that you consider the basic strategy table available on the internet when playing a variant of online blackjack with this rule. This rule is not exclusive to the dealer. It’s not recommended that players always hit when they have a soft 17, and that’s when basic Blackjack strategy comes in, suggesting they double down if allowed, depending on the dealer’s face up card.

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What is the basic strategy for Blackjack?
The basic strategy for Blackjack is a chart or more charts due to the number of variants of Blackjack , which basically show you the best move to make when the dealer has a certain card relative to your hand. It’s not a sure thing, but it’s the best move to make according to the math. There are actually two predominant charts involved, one made specifically for variations where the dealer hits a soft 17 and another for where the dealer sits on a soft 17.

This is because it is recommended to perform certain actions differently depending on whether the dealer sits or hits at 17 soft. When looking for a strategy chart, make sure you have the correct game rules along with soft rule 17. Here are some rules we advise you to follow if you have a soft hand. If you have an Ace and 2, 3, 4 or 5, the Ace can count as 1.

This allows you to ask for more cards until you reach 17 or more. When your hand consists of 6 and Ac or better known as Soft 16, it is again good to ask for a card to get to 17 or more. If you are dealt Ace and 7, you will have a total of 8 or 18, and here you will decide by the dealer’s first card. If the dealer has a card with a value of 9 or 10, the chances of you losing are quite high, and we advise you to call until you reach at least 17. With an Ac card and a nine or eight, it is better not to call more as you are unlikely to get a better combination than the one you already have.

Doubling soft hands
When you have a soft hand that consists of an ace, you should choose the doubling option much less often. This rule allows you to double the bet and draw just one more card, after which the game is over for you . Here are the options where it is acceptable to double Soft hands. If your hand consists of Ace and 2, 3, 4 or 5, then double down in cases where the dealer revealed 4, 5 or 6 as the first card. For Ace with 6 or 7, you can double if the dealer holds 3, 4, 5 or 6. All other soft hands should not be doubled as this will very often lead to losses.

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